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Already have land to build on? Are you interested in a demolition and rebuild, or are you looking at a House and Land Package? Our Single Story Home Range is designed to meet the needs of modern and luxury living. Feel at home exploring our Platinum and Finesse series homes designed for various lot sizes, or speak to us if wish to personalise one of our designs or create your very own inspired custom home. 

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The Alexander            $POA

The Amaro                  $POA

The Capri                    $POA

The Cocos                     $POA

The Cyprus                  $POA

The Delos                    $POA

The Denham                 $POA

The Flores                    $POA

The Lanteo                  $POA      

The Leeward                 $POA

The Madura                  $POA

The Mykonos                $POA

The Nauru                     $POA

The Panama                 $POA

The Saba                       $POA

The Salvora                   $POA

The Santa Cruz            $POA

The Socorro                  $POA

The Tidore                   $POA

The Timor                      $POA

The Vanuatu                 $POA

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