Choosing the interior colour scheme of your beautiful new home is one of the most exciting parts of your building journey and we’ll make you feel right at home during the process

1. Get Inspired


There’s no doubt choosing your internal fitout and colour scheme can be incredibly daunting. The key is to do your research and stay true to what you love. Follow these top tips to help you nail your interior colour palette from the get-go.

The first step before you even consider paint on the walls is to get inspired. Trawl the internet and decide if neutral tones better align with the look of your dream, or do bold colours stop you in your tracks? Use this inspiration to create a personalised colour mood board of your style preferences.

2. Decide on your design style


With your inspiration sorted, do a deep dive into the look and feel of what your overall design style is. If it’s a chic style home on the coast you’re building, then your interior colour scheme will will conform better with feature whites, textures and coastal-inspired furnishings throughout. If you love sleek lines and the minimalist look then it’s recommended your interior design features moody hues with contemporary black tapware. Your design style will inform all of the decisions for your interior colour scheme to follow. 

3. It’s not all about wall colours


The interior colour scheme expresses the essential features of your entire home, from kitchen cabinetry to the bedroom décor, to Fabrics and textiles such as rugs, pillows, throws and window treatments that are the perfect elements for inviting color in and can add pattern and texture as well. 

While neutrals might seem safe, there are many benefits to using color in your home.

Choosing the interior colour scheme of your beautiful new home is one of the most exciting parts of your building journey and we’ll make you feel right at home during the process


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    4. Consider natural lighting with colour choice


    Evaluate the orientation and floor plan to determine the level of natural lighting in your home to decide where you may like to use neutral or more bold and vibrant colours in the house. Pay attention to the impact of lighting. Color is a reflection of light, so the kind and amount of light in a room will have a significant impact on a color scheme. 

    Consider what parts of your homes allows more natural lighting and other spaces requiring artificial lighting to determine your colour choices. Change the value of a colour from space to space to define the areas to their natural lighting as long as the décor, styling and colours still fit within your overall colour scheme. 

    5. Plan your colour scheme room by room


    While you’ll want to ensure consistency within each space of your home, so it naturally blends together and the interior colour scheme does not appear fragmented, it’s best planning your colour scheme with the consideration of key furnishings and decor that you want in each space. Then base your paint colours on those elements. 

    Consider your paint colour around your kitchen finishings in an open plan living area. The kind of artwork or pictures you will be using. There may a space where that might make for a feature wall or wallpaper. Consider your bedding with floor coverings and wall colours in the bedrooms. Finally trends come and go so carefully consider the style of your main finishing items of your kitchen and bathrooms as wall colours are much less expensive to change with trends.    

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