Develop and prosper with a builder who has over 20 years experience in duplex, triplex and multi-unit developments  

Grouped Dwelling Developments

Are you considering building a duplex, triplex or multiple units on one site? Precision Homes WA are one of Perth’s leading builders in design and construction of single level grouped dwellings. Any builder can design, build your units and dress them up to look good if you throw the extra cash into them, however utilising the build plot ratio creating a superior layout and spacious interior is what we are experts at. When potential buyers walk into a development by Precision Homes at a home open, they notice the difference with it’s superior layout that offers that extra space resulting in a quick sale with you maximising and banking those higher returns.

Our development design team have had over 25 years in designing developments and have produced some of the most outstanding designs in Perth.  


Townhouse Developments

Townhouse developments are an effective and intelligent solution for a development with great potential returns and cater for families that demand more space both inside and out of their home. However we urge a little caution to developers when it comes to over capitalising with this type of development, particularly in which area you choose to build a townhouse project.  

If you are considering a townhouse development, our  highly experienced team are happy to discuss with you the risks and benefits and work with you on a feasibilty study. We’ll give you the best advice and put you on the right track to ensure success and you profit on your development without overcapitalising on your investment.       

Apartment Developments

In recent times low-rise apartment developments have become attractive for potential investors. Although they are a higher capital investment project there are potentially much higher returns on your investment,    particularly if you have held the land for some years.

Land zoned for apartment sites are generally zoned around town centre’s and close to amenities such as retail, entertainment, transport, medical and education facilities and designed to bridge the housing gap with affordable living in prime locations and more affordable locations. 

We are well versed in low-rise apartment developments and can guide you in the right direction in determining if your property complies under the r-codes and work with you on a feasibility study where you could be knocking on the door of prosperity.  

Why choose Precision Homes for your development?

For some savvy property developers it is a full time business who have been very successful and created a considerable amount of wealth developing property over the years. They have the knowledge and experience developing year after year and seek a builder who is competitive in price, but more importantly a builder who is experienced, efficient and skilled in property developments to get the job completed fast and within their requirements. It is these reasons Precision Homes is the right choice for your property development and have built long lasting partnerships with clients over the years.

Novices in property development are assured when choosing Precision Homes they will have a builder not only with the qualities mentioned, but will receive guidance, support and educational acquisition throughout their successful development. We work with our regular client’s in what to look out for in choosing the right block of land for their development, a feasibility of their project and creating the most efficient design for their block through to the completion of their build. By choosing Precision Homes you are not only choosing a builder, but a building partner with your best interests in mind. 



    Specifications to your requirements:

    We work with you in tailoring your specifications and level of finish for your development to best suit buyer’s expectations subject to the location of the project, or we’ll simply work with to your requirements and budget.

    Full design and planning management:

    The initial design stage is paramount to a successful and profitable project. We work with our experienced design team in a design to best suit your block achieving the maximum build plot ratio with the best possible design. We also work our engineers in construction methodology to keep construction costs minimal without compromising on quality to maximise your return of investment. 

    Full Design and Construct service:

    We offer a full turnkey project service where we can include demolition, and strata services and the like. Alternatively we can work with you if so you can have some involvement in your project during the build stage. Our experience ensures your project is professionally managed with a high level of communication and your best interests at the forefront. 

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