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The idea of living in the outer growth corridors is not for everyone. Many families choose to live closer to the city because of their work or have strong ties to their local community. Demolish and build projects have become more popular for several reasons. It could be due to extensive travel to and from work. Some families desire a bigger block of land for their families to enjoy outdoor activities or a resort lifestyle by their swimming pool. Some families choose to buy a large block of land to subdivide building on one portion of land and selling the other. Others prefer to put the extra cost of a two story home into the land for a larger single story home with a workshop or granny flat to to provide an additional income.  

These are some of the reasons that more and more Perth families are choosing to either demolish their current home or purchase an older home in the area they want to live, with the intention of knocking it down and building their new dream home in its place.

While the thought of demolishing an existing property sounds expensive and complex, you will be pleased to learn that building a brand new home is comparable and often less expensive than proceeding with a large home extension or problematic renovation project where there may be some considerable unforeseen costs.

Some benefits in a demolish and build project are the savings on stamp duty and everything that a brand new home offers, such as an energy efficient design accompanying lower power bills and the latest in building techniques as we move towards an era of new technology and ‘smart homes’.

So if you are considering demolishing an old home and building your brand new dream home in its place, contact us to hear how we can help you with our knowledge and experience. 



We will assess your block of land and discuss with you the options you have for the design process.

Our Design team will work with you to incorporate all of your priorities into a design you’ll love.

We will organise the demolition of your existing home and perform the site works ready for your dream home to be built

Following council approvals construction of your dream home will commence

Once construction is completed we ask you to inspect your new home for your approval and complete any necessary perfections if required. Congratulations your are ready to move into your brand new dream home.

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2 Story The Amelia

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