Home Extensions

A massive residential extension in Cloverdale constructed from tilt up concrete panels formed and poured onsite. A high risk project where requirements of a tilt up supervisor’s ticket to conduct such work is necessary and previous experience in tilt up construction is highly recommended to undertake such work. Notice was given to Worksafe as per regulations who inspected the site for compliance prior to lifting the panels by crane from the front of the property.

Panels in place, propped and strong backs supporting larger openings to panels after lift.

Heavy duty structural steel roof members tying in and supporting the concrete panel structure.

The building required internal wall insulation and plasterboard cladding to meet Energy Efficiency requirements.

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On Site with Precision Homes

Your concrete footings and ground slab are one of the most important stages of work and structurally supports your home. Structural failure in this scope of work can result in severe cracking throughout your home and worse. One of our experienced supervisors are on site throughout the concrete pour and ensures all reinforcement and structural steel cast into concrete comply with engineering details and that it is done right with no shortcuts! 

Suspended slab concrete pour on a custom home in Doubleview.

This two story home was designed to maximize gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean and the Scarborough Beach precinct from a huge double glazed window in the master bedroom at the rear of the home.   

Birdseye view of a two story luxury home ready for roof framing.

The roof of your home is a stage we take very seriously. While it may appear that there is a random assortment of timbers making up the roof frame, the Building Code of Australia and the very detailed Australian Framing Standard AS 1684 provides very clear guidance on exactly what is required for stick framed roofs. We inspect the roof framing carefully to ensure it complies with the standards and engineers details.  

Support to the hip rafter is inadequate at the junction to hip with a single underpurlin. An opposing adjacent underpurlin is required for supporting the hip and common rafters.

The hanger beam and counter beam does not have the additional support of a bracket and requires remediation.

The base of the angled struts require blocking or strapping to prevent movement of the strut.

 Although hoop iron straps are in place, they are required to be tensioned and adequately nailed to be effective.

We ensure the required members of your roof framing are fixed and tied down in accordance with the codes and engineers details ensuring your roof is safe in gale force winds. Additionally we only use MGP10 and MGP12 structural treated blue pine for structural strength and to help protect your roof from termite attack. Many people are not aware that insurance companies do not cover termite damage to your home which is why we have your back when we build your “Precision” Home. 

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